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4 Jul 2017

Roof bars


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Posted By Hattie T.

In case you hadn't noticed, Roof bars have become highly popular in the UK

Today it seems that every other vehicle has a set of Roof bars attached to it, carrying a variety of different attachments. In fairness, Roof bars are really handy items to have around. They sit snugly to the roof of the car and when fitted with boxes, bicycle carriers or racking systems, they vastly enhance the load carrying abilities of the vehicle.

If you remember the old styles of roof racks that used to be fitted to cars you'll appreciate the lightweight but sturdy nature of new systems that incorporate Roof bars. Where old roof rack systems used to cumbersome and a bit of a pain to attach to the roof of a car, modern Roof bars make the entire process such a breeze.

They're easy to fit, cheap to buy and Roof bars are brilliant when you run out of space in your daily drive.

Reasons for buying Roof bars

Find you rapidly run out of room when you go for trips in the car? Hate travelling on family holidays in the UK because your car simply isn't big enough to cope with the excess luggage? Buy a set of Roof bars and the problem is fixed. You can either add a roof box to the Roof bars to place cases in, or add a rack to the roof bars and place your luggage directly on top then simply strap it down. The sheer diversity of attachments available for Roof bars means there are components to suit all applications.

Go biking at the weekend? Add a cycle rack to the Roof bars and you bike is stowed away safely until your arrive at your chosen destination. You don't have to leave the Roof bars in place of course, simply attach them or remove them whenever you like.

Shopping for Roof bars

This is the easy bit. As well as high street outlets, you'll find motoring accessory stores and camping shops selling Roof bars, plus there are a number of specialist sites that cater primarily for these handy roofing systems. Prior to buying a set of Roof bars look at the rail system that is fitted to your vehicle, they do tend to vary depending on the make of your car and the sage of the vehicle.

Ascertain the type of railing systems you have in place and you'll be in the position to order a set of roof bars in complete confidence knowing they'll fit perfectly into place.

Why not buy a useful set of Roof bars for your motor? You never know when they'll come in handy.


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