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14 Jul 2017

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Biking Shoes For Cycling


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Posted By Bettie W.

We all know that wearing shoes while riding a bike is a good idea for safety reasons, but what types of shoes are best for cycling?

When riding your bike, it is a good idea to avoid wearing shoes such as flip flops and sandals. Shoes such as these offer little protection for your feet in the event of an accident. Also, such shoes are more likely to fall off completely leaving your feet exposed and bare. This allows your feet to be highly susceptible to injury.

Comfortable and snug sneakers are preferred when riding your bike for recreational purposes. Even if you only plan to take a short trip around the block on your bike, safety should come first. Check the soles of your shoes before hopping on your bike to be certain that the tread is not worn. It is best to have a sturdy pair of shoes with plenty of tread to offer grip. While cycling, your shoes become a safety feature. Not only do they protect your feet from injury, but they can prevent an accident by staying in place on the pedals.

When you choose a pair of cycling shoes, select a pair with a stiff sole. A stiff sole will improve the power transfer between you and your bike. A softer soled shoe does not provide this advantage.

The avid cyclist may want to select shoes that are more geared to their specific sport. Are you involved in speed cycling or BMX racing? Find a shoe that meets your specific needs.

Road cyclists will want to purchase cycling shoes. Numerous cycling shoes are available on the market that clip to the pedals of the bike. This feature allows for safety and more power transfer.

If you are into mountain biking or off road cycling and stunts, you will not want to purchase cycling shoes that attach to the pedals of your bike. With the type of cycling, you need flexibility to get on and off of your bike with ease. Road cycling shoes that clip to the pedals would be dangerous in most instances.

For mountain biking, purchase a pair of shoes with thick and durable tread. Look for shoes with knobs and grooves to provide traction on rough terrain. A pair of lightweight hiking boots works well in this sport.

Consider the type of fastener or closure on your cycling shoe when picking your shoes. Some cyclists prefer to tie their cycling shoes snugly with laces. Other professional cyclists enjoy the ease and simplicity of Velcro closures. It is a matter of personal preference. Just keep in mind your comfort and safety when making your selection.

Consult a salesperson at the sports shoe store or ask for information from fellow cyclists to gauge what types of cycling shoes are best for your sport. Read reviews on the products you are considering. These avenues will help you to make an informed decision about the cycling shoes you are considering for purchase.

When it comes to purchasing a pair of cycling shoes, you must keep several things in mind. Your safety is of utmost importance. Select shoes that will protect your feet and provide comfortable support. The sole of your shoe should b stiff for good power transfer. Consider the activities that you perform on your bike to determine if you need clip on cycling shoes or shoes with knobby tread. Finding the right cycling shoes will really make a difference in your safety and enjoyment in the sport.


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